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What type of


girl are you?

OTAKU girls are hard
to classify into genres.

Each OTAKU has different “LOVE”.
So, let’s check what types of OTAKU you are.



Please answer the following questions.

オタク属性のグラフ オタク属性のグラフ
オタクのキャラクター タイプ番号

Purist otaku girls

Just enjoying animes / cartoons

I recharge myself by watching the animes

I even purchase blu-ray/DVD/
streaming videos

I collect character goods

Living Environment

Purist otaku girls tend to stay up late to watch late-night anime shows.
Can’t stop watching if they rerun the shows.
When become obsessed with something, they tend to stay up late and binge-watch it.

Possible Health Problems

If sleeping patterns are irregular, the body's rhythm is disrupted, and this can have a negative impact on gut health.


It’s ok to enjoy whatever you love, but let’s stop eating while you are doing it. It's harder to know your fullness, so you can possibly end up eating more.Let's enhance intestinal functions!

オタクのキャラクター タイプ番号

Voice actor OTAKU / Streamer OTAKU

Crazy over voice actors and live streamers

Love online games, live stream or
radio stations with voice actors

Log in games everyday for daily awards

Spend a lot of money on gacha or social tipping

Living Environment

Often use smart phone
Due to constantly gathering information on Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, they tend to be glued to their screens.

Possible Health Problems

Prone to poor posture and muscle weakness


Learn stretches you can do while watching the screen.
Maintaining a proper posture while standing and using your smartphone can be effective

オタクのキャラクター タイプ番号

Creator OTAKU

Crazy over fan fictions and fan activities

Tend to create fan works as soon as becoming a fan of any piece of work.

Tend to create something as long as I have spare time.

I create something even if I don’t have enough time.

living environment

If they have the time, they will be caught up with pen and paper or computer and pen tablet, or keyboard
Use brain so much for thinking. No time for brain to rest.

Possible Health Problems

If sleeping patterns are irregular, the body's rhythm is disrupted, and this can have a negative impact on gut health.


Be careful if you are not hungry, even though you haven't eaten properly lately! You can possibly gain weight or lose weight in an unhealthy way.
It’s good to enjoy what you like, but avoid snacks while you are playing.
gOften ends up eating extra.

オタクのキャラクター タイプ番号

Cosplayer OTAKU

Love cosplay and makeup

I wanna try body make as well

If I have any favorite show, the first thing to think about is "which character do I like the most. "

Living Environment

When they start to get into it, they don't care how much time you spend, it tends to increase the amount of detailed work they have to do.
Due to constantly researching makeup and how to look good in photos, tends to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror analyzing themselves.

Possible Health Problems

Must be a beauty-conscious otaku. If you know how to work out, you will get a beautiful body!


Matching body make-up with the character is necessary, but excessive dieting is not recommended.
Good to be strict on yourself but don’t forget to take enough nutritions. A balanced diet of high quality protein is recommended.

オタクのキャラクター タイプ番号


Love 2.5 dimension so much!

Crazy over actors

I watch hero shows every Sunday morning so I wake up early.

You often go to theaters

Living Environment

They walk a lot as they usually go to theaters by foot.
Have many friends and they often go to restaurants.
Sometimes sleeping on an overnight bus.

Possible Health Problems

May be less likely to become physically inactive. So, it's important to build up physical strength to be less prone to fatigue.


If you eat in restaurants a lot, then pay more attention to what you eat. You might need more stamina especially when you go to exhibitions.
Aerobic exercise is highly recommended! You can do radio exercises at home.