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PROTE BIYORI caramel cafe au lait 280g (28 servings)


This is a complete beauty protein. It contains a well-balanced blend of three types of protein (soy, whey, and hemp) and is packed full of beauty ingredients. It is the perfect nutritional supplement for busy women.

A great value set of 2 pieces or 3 pieces of your choice is also available.

※In the case of multiple purchases, there is a possibility that it will be a courier service.
If you only purchase 1 package of Prote Biyori,
you cannot specify the delivery date for mail delivery.
You can specify the delivery date only when multiple purchases result in courier delivery.
In that case, you can choose from 5 days after ordering.
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    Standing pouch with aluminum zipper
    Including measuring spoon


    Soy protein (manufactured in Japan), powdered oils and fats (vegetable fat and oil, lactose, dextrin, milk protein), reduced maltose, coffee, skimmed milk powder, sweetened condensed milk, milk protein, hemp seed powder, cocoa powder, sugar, whole milk powder, cream cheese, fish collagen peptide, cacao extract, pork placenta extract powder, vegetable oil...

How to take

  • Mix 2 scoops (10g) of the attached spoon with 150ml of water and enjoy (milk or soymilk can also be used).
  • Add the powder first, then add water or milk and mix with a spoon to make it easier to mix.
  • When using a shaker, add the powder after adding water or milk to make it easier to dissolve.
  • If it settles, mix it again and enjoy it deliciously.
  • For tea time or before going to bed, we recommend drinking it hot by dissolving it in hot water.

PROTE BIYORI caramel cafe au lait 280g (28 servings)

PROTE BIYORI caramel cafe au lait 280g (28 servings)