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OTAKU girl,

are you properly taking care of
your health?

If you want to enjoy OTAKU life
for a long time, you should take better care of yourself.



健康でいようというイラスト 健康でいようというイラスト

O TAKU girls tend to beindoorsy.
So, we want you to take good care of
yourself for healthy life.


management team seriously considered the health of OTAKU girls.


Why do we promote health?

To all people, be healthy!!
As a premise, health is important for everyone, regardless of whether they are otaku girls or not.
However, it's a shame that the vitality of otaku girls is not being utilized in the area of health.
If you can be passionate about things you love, you should be able to think deeply about your own health as well.
That's because otaku girls are always thinking about a lot of things, so I think they are smart.
Please allocate some of that resource to yourself as well.
When you're healthy, you'll naturally become more beautiful and feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.
Also, I want you to know that your body is your asset no matter what you do.
I think it's sad to imagine a future where you can't enjoy the things you love, like reading manga, watching anime, drawing, or going to events.
Having a hobby is really great!
So please live a healthy life and keep enjoying things energetically and healthily for a long time!


To Otaku Girls,

Nice to meet you.
As an otaku myself, I understand the struggle of maintaining balance in our lifestyle.
I often wonder how otaku girls who are creators manage to find time for sleep with so many things to do and explore.
I know that after finishing work and taking care of everything at home, the time spent indulging in our hobbies is the happiest.
However, I wanted to remind you that consistently sacrificing sleep and health management for your passion can be harmful to your health.
Although I know you are already aware of this, I wanted to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself.
Remember to eat well and get enough sleep.
If necessary, consider supplementing with vitamins or health foods.
Taking care of yourself in this way will ensure that you can continue to enjoy being an otaku without sacrificing your health.
After all, being an otaku should be enjoyable and fulfilling!

Best regards,


Considering OTAKU girl's diet

I had wondered if there were people who dislike being called otaku girls.
However, I have learned that otaku girls take pride in being otaku.
It's wonderful.
I propose that otaku girls enjoy their lives more by taking care of their health through their diet.
Busy otaku girls may not have time to enjoy a balanced meal all the time.
They may even think that skipping meals leads to weight loss, which is fortunate, but I want them to prioritize their food intake for any reason. Let's think about getting the necessary nutrients for beauty and health first, then reducing them as needed. Nowadays, there are health foods that can supplement the nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. Please try to incorporate them effectively.


Don’t you know what you need for yourself??