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OTAKU girl,

are you properly taking care of
your health?

If you want to enjoy OTAKU life
for a long time, you should take better care of yourself.



健康でいようというイラスト 健康でいようというイラスト

O TAKU girls tend to be indoor persons
So, we want you to take good care of
yourself for healthy life.


The management team of OTASAPO
is serious about
the health of OTAKU girls.


Why do we promote health?

Stay healthy! Everyone!!
On the premise that health is important for not only OTAKU girls but also everyone.
But I feel like it's a shame that the vitality of OTAKU girls is not being utilized in the health area.
If you can be passionate about what you love, surely you can think deeply about your health.
I really think OTAKU girls are so smart because they are always thinking about so many things.
So, please don’t forget to take care about yourself.
If you are healthier, you'll be more beautiful and won't be able to stop looking at yourself in a mirror! lol
Anyway, I want you to know that your body is your capital, no matter what you do.
I think it's sad if we cannot enjoy what we love the most in the future.
Reading manga, watching anime, drawing, going to events.
It's soooo good to have hobbies!
So, stay healthy and enjoy what you love!


Dear OTAKU ladies

Nice to meet you. I'm an OTAKU too.
That’s why I know that you OTAKU ladies often put yourself off.
Especially, creator type of OTAKU girls. I'm always wondering if you guys sleep enough or not?? hahaha
Time flies, especially when you are doing what you love, right?
Finish your work and get home and that’s when the 2nd half of your day will start!!
Enjoy what you love and when you run out your battery, all you need to do is sleep. That’s the thing! Right? I know…
but if you keep doing that for a long time, it could be bad for your health.
I know that you are sick and tired of hearing this type of thing, but please let me just say this…
Eat right, take a good sleep!
Supplements and healthy foods can help you to take essential nutritions easily.
So, please don’t forget to take good care of yourself.
"OTAKU life is so much fun, right?"


Considering OTAKU girl's diet

At first, I was wondering if someone wouldn’t be happy to be called OTAKU girls…
But apparently, I learned that OTAKU girls take pride in being OTAKU.
That’s beautiful!
I have a suggestion for you OTAKU girls to enjoy your life more.
That is “creating health through diet”.
For busy OTAKU girls, sometimes it’s hard to balance meals.
or do you even think that it’s lucky because you can lose weight by fasting?
But whatever the reason is, I hope that food will be your priority for your healthy future.
Let’s start off with taking enough nutritions from diet.
and if you can’t take enough nutritions, then supplements can help you.
Please try to incorporate it well.


Don’t you know what you need for yourself??